The mission of the International Youth Leadership Institute is to nurture a new generation of visionary leaders from the African Diaspora who, inspired by their rich African heritage, are committed to leave a legacy in the world.


Since its inception, IYLI has supported nearly 500 young leaders. More than 99% of these students have graduated from high school. More than 90% of graduates enrolled in higher education the year following high school completion. College completion is an expectation for every participant.  Read More…


All seminars and workshops at NYU are co-sponsored by the Liberty Partnerships Program, New York University

Term1: Tools of Leadership
Term 1 will focus on the skills that students use in their leadership and activism, including communication, academic preparation, and CSDP.

9/7/14 – 1-3pm Open House @ Dempsey Center 127 West 127 St

10/4/14 – 1-3pm Open House @ Dempsey Center 127 West 127 St

10/25/14 – 12-5pm Orientation @ Kimball Hall, NYU, 246 Greene St.

11/1/14 – 1-5pm CSDP Workshop @ Kimball Hall, NYU, 246 Greene St.
Fellow Profiles and Senior Plans are due

11/15/14 – 11am-5pm College Workshop @ HBCU College Fair, Riverbank State Park, 145th and Riverside Drive (Part 1)
2-5pm @ Dempsey Center 127 West 127 St (Part 2)

12/13/14 – 1-5pm Leadership Workshop @ Dempsey Center 127 West 127 St.

12/20/14 – 1-3:30pm Three Kings Day/Kwanzaa Celebration @ NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 726 Broadway, 5th Floor (Between Waverly and Washington Place)

Term 2: Application of Leadership
Term 2 will focus on critical issues and how students can contribute to solutions. This includes seminars and CSDP.

1/10/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ Dempsey Center 127 West 127 St.

1/31/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ NYU, 726 Broadway, Floor 7, Room 701

2/7/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ TBA

2/8/15 – 10am-5pm Winter Institute Orientation @ TBA

2/13/15 - 2/22/15 – Winter Institute in Jamaica

2/15/15 - 2/17/15 – College Visits @ TBA

2/28/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ NYU, 726 Broadway, Floor 7, Room 701

3/7/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ TBA

3/28/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ TBA

4/18/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ TBA

4/25/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ TBA

5/9/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ TBA

5/30/15 – 1-5pm Seminar @ TBA

6/13/15 – 1-5pm CSDP and SFP Family Consultations @ TBA

6/27/15 – 1-5pm Final Presentations, Awards and Fellow Inductions @ TBA

Term 3: Global Context of Leadership
Term 3 will provide international study opportunities based on the IYLI model.

6/28/15 - 7/3/15 Summer Fellowship Program in Morocco Orientation
7/5/15 - 8/2/15 Summer Fellowship Program in Morocco (Theme: Immigration)

7/5/15 - 7/9/15 South Africa Global Scholars Program Orientation
7/11/15 - 8/8/15 South Africa Global Scholars Program (Theme: Entrepreneurship)

7/13/15 - 7/18/15 Summer Fellowship Executive Leadership Institute in Senegal Orientation
20/28/15 - 8/17/15 Summer Fellowship Executive Leadership Institute in Senegal (Theme: Renewable Energy)

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IYLI provides broad exposure to community, national and international issues and global interdependence. Through seminars, training, mentoring and travel we cultivate informed and well-educated citizens who recognize the power of individuals and groups to promote positive social change in this country and throughout the world. IYLI uses a framework of history, culture, geography and environment to interpret local and global issues.  Read More…

Seminars and Leadership Development

Seminars on global issues are conducted on Saturdays, many of them at local colleges and universities. Liberty Partnerships Program of the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development - New York University, is a co-sponsor of the Seminars Program. Seminars focus on critical issues and draw on a variety of local and national experts. Leadership workshops build communication, service learning, planning and other skills.  Read More…

Community Service and Development

Students work in a community or public agency to plan and implement a project that furthers the host organization’s mission as well as their own vision for social change.  Read More…

International Study Programs

IYLI has conducted overseas programs in 16 Latin American and African countries. IYLI’s international study programs in Africa and Latin America support individual and collective leadership development through hands-on experiences overseas.  Read More…

School Partnership Program

The School Partnership Program curriculum enables middle school students to learn and practice critical thinking skills by examining how their family, and community are affected by and connected to broader global contexts, challenges and issues.  Read More…