Giselle Henriques

Gisele (1993-1995) is a food security and resilient livelihoods specialist with twelve years experience working directly with local NGOs in the global south. She has worked with a range of stakeholders including: international and local NGOs, social movements, Government Ministries, agricultural research centers and policy think tanks.  Recently, she has worked as a Food and Agriculture Policy Officer for CIDSE lobbying in Brussels and Rome for support for sustainable food systems and small holder agriculture. She has worked with international development NGOs such as Catholic Relief Services and CAFOD. 

Gisele's technical areas of expertise include food security/ sovereignty, sustainable agriculture, community development and gender. She has worked in 7 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. She is fluent in English Portuguese, Spanish, French and Tetun and she has basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia.

She earned a double masters from UC Berkeley in Public Policy with a focus on international agricultural policy and trade) and International area Studies (with a focus on Africa). Gisele lives in London, UK. As an IYLI Fellow, she studied in Ghana.

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