Heritage Programs

Since 1990, IYLI has sponsored summer and winter academic study programs in Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. Each heritage program has a curriculum theme that is based on leadership, community development, and an important global issue. Students also learn first-hand about international careers by meeting and interacting with professionals working overseas. They meet and interact with teenagers from the host country to foster mutual understanding and friendship.  IYLI’s framework of history, culture, geography and environment provides a powerful tool for thinking about leadership, community, and community development, in a cross-cultural context.  

The heritage programs are designed to help prepare young people for roles as tomorrow's leaders in business, public service, and other areas.  Students meet and interact with professionals working in business, government, international development, volunteerism, education, culture, and other areas. 


LEGACY SCHOLARSHIPS: IYLI provides scholarship supports to enable students to study and travel. Each student plans and implements a follow-up plan for how he or she will educate and inform others about the summer experience, including dispelling negative stereotypes and misconceptions about Africa.