Become An IYLI Fellow

IYLI Fellows are secondary school students who are interested in helping to bring about positive change in their community or in the world. Fellows are activists who are interested in learning about other cultures and about the connections between their community and other parts of the world. Fellows are committed to leadership and community development and want to pursue the training, education and experiences to enhance their ability to make positive contributions to their family and the global community. Fellows are skilled thinkers, presenters and communicators who set a personal standard for excellence in their endeavors, whether in school or in the community. Fellows are IYLI ambassadors who represent the organization at meetings, conferences and other events.

Fellows are inducted into IYLI each year in June. Students in good standing are eligible for induction. This includes seminar participation (determined on a student by student basis), completion of CSDP, and demonstration of leadership. 

Zion Decoteau, IYLI Fellow and Founder of DBC News

Click here to download a Fellow application.