Heritage Programs

IYLI’s Heritage Programs enable students to explore their culture and leadership 

Legacy Programs

Programs help IYLI students build a personal legacy 

IYLI’s framework of history, culture, geography and environment provides a powerful means for better understanding how events occurring in other places affect our communities and strategies and actions that we can learn from to respond to our own local challenges. The IYLI Framework extends consciousness and knowledge beyond the superficial treatment of global issues and international events as usually portrayed by media.. 


The chronological record of events, as of the life or development of people, country or institution. (RECORD)


A people's way of living, their beliefs, customs, and behavior structures. (LIVING PATTERN)


The features of the earth, including physical elements and the distribution of life. (PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL FEATURES)


The physical, cultural and social conditions that affect and influence the development of life (SURROUNDING AND INFLUENCING ELEMENTS)

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